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Monday, August 8, 2016

I recently learned about a new product to help with sleep from the makers of NyQuil. It's called ZzQuil. Now to make it clear, this medication is NOT for a cold or flu, it is ONLY to help you sleep. You must give yourself at least 8 hours to sleep after taking it.

I tried it and I was pleasantly surprised with this product. I am one that has a hard time falling asleep (keep in mind it is 12:30am while I write this) I took the 2 purple gell caps 2 hours before bed. I fell asleep instantly and stayed asleep all night. Usually if I take a sleep aid I wake up groggy and feel like I didn't get enough sleep, no matter how much I slept! Well with this I woke up refreshed and with energy. It's been so long since I've felt that way in the morning! It is non habbit forming so I know I can take as I need without having to need it every night to fall asleep. The pills were small and easy to swallow. I would definitely have this in my medicine cabinet for those nights I need a little help with sleep!

I received a sample of this product in my #ZzzQuil #SleepLovers #voxbox from influenster for review purposes and these opinions are completely my own.

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